Why I'm So Bitter:


While this single page couldn't do justice to all the reasons I'm bitter, I've listed some of them. The pictures on this page are of the local news cast in Utah. They're all evil bastards, every last one of them. They make me want to PUKE.

whore-- whore-- whore-- whore

Every time I turn on the TV, I see their ugly faces forcing bullshit into my ears. Look closely at the guy near the top of this page. Look at his fat face. Smiling. Oh, you like smiling asshole? How do you like smiling with my foot up your ass? Look at that bitch. Snooty hag, she thinks she's so high and mighty. Dressed all fancy and she's combed her hair. She's too good for the rest of us.. we who don't comb our hair. You'll get yours bitch.

I'm so sick of people. Can you blame me with faces like these? I wouldn't mind them so much if they weren't lying to me all the time. Everything they say, evil lies for the purpose of ruining my day. Well you can gloat now, bitch. My day is ruined.

whore-- whore

I've taken shits with more personality than some of these news assholes. Seriously, how the hell do these people get jobs? I bet they all go home every night and make perverse gestures in front of their pets. Sick bastards.

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