Nothing Will Happen In 2000.

I can't wait until the year 2000. Then maybe all the crazy bastards will quit bitching about a computer melt down that will never happen. It's really not the big deal people are making it out to be. Probably the most significant of all systems that might be affected are banks--so what?

Many banks look months ahead and pre-calculate interest rates to make sure they'll be on budget, which implies that a few months before the actual year change, many programs will have already processed a good deal of 'year 2000' stuff. And what the hell is with the Y2K acronym?

I hate that!! Why can't people just refer to it as... well.. why can't people just stop referring to it all together? It's almost as if people just say it because they like the way it sounds.. that's shitty. So, the bottom line is that all you mystic astrology types out there need to quit worrying about the new year. Don't listen to the media's bullshit, we have enough lunatics running around and stocking up on food as it is. Nothing is going to happen; the world isn't going to end because we're not that lucky.

At least 210,512 people will still be alive and annoying in the year 2000.

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