Vageyena Man sightings:

It all started when I drew the picture above for my "Fashion tips for women from a guy who knows dick about fashion" article. Vageyena man was simply my childhood vision for a Mega Man character, but shortly after I posted the article, people started flooding me with "sightings." Here are some of them below:

Original masterpieces:

Edward, Purdue

Eric, Alhambra CA

Greg Fenton, NY

Power Rangers / Giant monsters:

Felix - Holy shit.

Evan, Middletown MD


Justin - Et tu, Power Rangers?

Classic art:

Stephen - A Joan Miro hallucinatory painting, totally not photoshopped

Anthony M - A Dali "original"


Justin Martin - Christmas parade

Scholars can now agree that at least 1 page of the Voynich manuscript has been translated - Cosasquemechupan

Shanx, Australia


Jared, Billings MT

Tony, Potsville PA - taken at Ruby Tuesday: come for the ribs, stay for the Vageyena

Luke - Galactic vag

Mikkel, Denmark

Andreas, Germany

Anthony, Connecticut - From a biology textbook: cellular mitosis, or a juvenile reference to female anatomy?


Amer Bogilovic, Sarajevo Bosnia

Zach Windermere, Florida

Rasec - Just a random crowd, nothing to se--WHAAAT?

By "Boner Boner"

Derek - Mega Man II - Capcom owes someone royalties.

Mike - VGT is tasked with stopping online child abuse. VagEYEna man is tasked with stopping evil doers, some of whom probably abuse children online. Coincidence?

Arshak, TI-89 graphing calculator or harbinger of justice?


Kyle, Boulder CO - Old school R-Type cycloptic twat boss

Wes, Bowling Green KY


Paul, from a cafe in Australia

Rob, Bighappyfunhouse

Katherine - Sponge Bob "Rock Bottom" episode

Ashley & Dino - Outback Steakhouse


John, Japan

Patricia Jackson

Matt - Technically a one-eyed douche, but still vagina related.



Mockelfish Byrillabyrd - Stephen Colbert's cast is blessed with the vag.

ZING and/or PWN:

John Ro

Kirochi, Paris

There have been at least 419,841 Vageyena man sightings so far.

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