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this page is about my opinions. if you disagree, you have a right to your opinion and i can respect that.

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a mind is like a parachute:
it only works when its open LOL!

i love donald rumsfeld.
(Updated: 04-01-04)

lol @ fox for laugh out loud sundays!
(Updated: 04-01-04)

check out this player hater getting owned (new hate mail).
(Updated: 04-01-04)

theres plenty of room for agnostics... in hell.
(Updated: 04-01-04)

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ServInt helps host this site lol:

so does xmission:

some jerk's page from 2003 (its lame)
some jerk's page from 2002 (its lame)
some jerk's page from 2001 (its lame)
some jerk's page from 2000 (its lame)
some jerk's page from 1999 (its lame)
some jerk's page from 1998 (its lame)

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this page was made using vi in unix. anything else is encouraged because unix is pretty hard lol. i wish i could afford dreamweaver.

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