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Holy shit! It's me at work.
(Updated: 04/11/01)

Am I right or what?

When is the last time a whale did anything for you?
(Updated: 12-13-01)

Nobody cares that you took a nap, really.
(Updated: 11-29-01)

Too much of a chicken shit to get a job? Why not steal instead?
(Updated: 11-25-01)

For every animal you don't eat, I'm going to eat three.
(Updated: 11-18-01)

Ever wonder what your cell phone would sound like coming out of your ass?
(Updated: 11-06-01)

New hate mail (2): two happy Civic customers.
(Updated: 10-15-01)

"Embrace diversity," and other bullshit phrases that don't mean anything.
(Updated: 09-30-01)

There's nothing more disgusting than the sight, smell and sound of someone eating Doritos.
(Updated: 09-17-01)

Are you a dipshit? You might be. Take this test to find out.
(Updated: 09-04-01)

The next person who tells me "You're never fully dressed without a smile" gets my foot up their ass.
(Updated: 08-26-01)

My neighbor's kids were pissing me off, so I ate them.
(Updated: 08-19-01)

Joan Rivers is short for pretentious bitch.
(Updated: 07-31-01)

Everyone is stupid except for me.
(Updated: 06-24-01)

Attention Deficit Disorder is nothing that a solid kick in the ass can't cure.
(Updated: 06-11-01)

Airport security sucks.
(Updated: 06-04-01)

New hate mail: Not all jocks are dumb, some go to collage.
(Updated: 05-08-01)

"I'm not racist, but..."
(Updated: 04-16-01)

Reality check: you drive a Civic, not a race car.
(Updated: 03-27-01)

Up yours Jared! Boycott Subway.
(Updated: 03-04-01)

Listening to cool music makes you cool.
(Updated: 03-04-01)

You've graduated from college, but you're still a dumbass.
(Updated: 02-18-01)

If you're going to wear shitty perfume, don't ride the elevator.
(Updated: 02-05-01)

I'm having an MTV hatemail-ho-down.
(Updated: 01-28-01)

Guess I was wrong about MTV, this hate mail proves it.
(Updated: 01-21-01)

I hate old people.
(Updated: 01-11-01)

That's right asshole, bag my groceries!
(Updated: 12-27-00)

Read my reviews or go to hell.

Movies that I've seen
(Updated: 01-22-01)

Movies I haven't seen and have no right to bitch about (but do anyway)
(Updated: 1-5-98)

Movies I hate that begin with "T" and end with "ITANIC"
(Updated: 10-21-98)

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