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This page is about me and why everything I like is great. If you disagree with anything you find on this page, you are wrong.

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Am I right or what?

Florida sucks.
(Updated: 11-24-00)

Jackass: Finally a show named after its target audience.
(Updated: 11-07-00)

Diseases I'd rather have than having to watch "Rocky Horror Picture Show."
(Updated: 10-29-00)

One way to admit you're wrong...
(Updated: 10-2-00)

For the love of God, anything but Solitaire!
(Updated: 9-18-00)

Packing for a trip? Don't forget to pack your kids.
(Updated: 8-29-00)

"The Cell" is boring and stupid.
(Updated: 8-21-00)

Hanson blows.
(Updated: 8-14-00)

MORE lies girls have told me.
(Updated: 7-30-00)

I paid $7.00 for a movie, not Coca Cola's bullshit marketing propaganda.
(Updated: 7-11-00)

Banners Blow!
(Updated: 7-9-00)

Three reasons to not watch Rosie O'Donnel.
(Updated: 7-3-00)

(Updated: 6-18-00)

I was harassed by a cop the other night...
(Updated: 6-9-00)

Don't see "The Messenger."
(Updated: 5-29-00)

How to ruin someone's day.
(Updated: 5-21-00)

You may experience gas with oily discharge...
(Updated: 5-14-00)

Here's a drawing of myself at work.
(Updated: 5-5-00)

Don't believe everything you see.
(Updated: 4-27-00)

New hate mail.
(Updated: 4-13-00)

Being certified doesn't make you any less of a dumbass.
(Updated: 4-10-00)

Want a kid? Get a license.
(Updated: 4-2-00)

Pretending to be happy doesn't make you happy.
(Updated: 3-24-00)

Who's the bitch: Bush or Gore?
(Updated: 3-13-00)

New hate mail.
(Updated: 3-6-00)

Brendan Fraser: good actor or dumbass?
(Updated: 2-28-00)

There's nothing worse than an aging hippy.
(Updated: 2-21-00)

The second annual Valentine's day Cupid slaughter!
(Updated: 2-14-00)

Why are people so damn boring?
(Updated: 2-7-00)

Disney is NOT synonymous with "Family Values."
(Updated: 2-3-00)

Pseudo intellectuals can kiss my ass.
(Updated: 1-31-00)

We need more ugly people on TV.
(Updated: 1-24-00)

Bathroom politics: how to avoid getting your ass kicked.
(Updated: 1-10-00)

Is $12 enough to wipe your ass with?
(Updated: 2-3-00)

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