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Am I right or what?

Are you an asshole? You might be- take this test to find out.
(Updated: 12-11-98)

I Hate Julia Roberts.
(Updated: 12-4-98)

Everything from the 80's sucked.
(Updated: 11-30-98)

The pefect occupation before and after death.
(Updated: 11-30-98)

I hate kids.
(Updated: 11-11-98)

How to be 100% lazy.
(Updated: 11-5-98)

Sending Glenn into space? Great idea!
(Updated: 10-28-98)

I hate Jenny Jones.
(Updated: 10-27-98)

I hate Star Trek geeks.
(Updated: 10-17-98)

No wait, I think it's just Star Trek I hate.
(Updated: 10-16-98)

Environmentalists: Inherently stupid?
(Updated: 10-11-98)

Let's blow up the moon!
(Updated: 10-10-98)

Commercials I hate.
(Updated: 10-4-98)

Clinton sympathizers are wimps.
(Updated: 9-30-98)

Old people should be eaten.
(Updated: 9-26-98)

Zombies are the worst.
(Updated: 9-18-98)

What Hippies are good for.
(Updated: 9-8-98)

Thinking about moving?
(Updated: 9-3-98)

If I ruled the Universe...
(Updated: 8-27-98)

How to cure procrastination forever.
(Updated: 8-21-98)

Oh no! Not another douche commercial!
(Updated: 7-25-98)

The Feminist agenda.
(Updated: 8-20-98)

How to make a mean sandwich.
(Updated: 8-14-98)

Green Peace blows, pave the rain forests!
(Updated: 8-11-98)

Real men put Tabasco on everything.
(Updated: 8-5-98)

I hope everyone that likes plain cheese pizza dies.
(Updated: 8-3-98)

How to avoid children in a theater.
(Updated: 7-22-98)

I've got your animal rights, right here.
(Updated: 7-6-98)

Reasons to cry during the movie "Titanic".
(Updated: 7-15-98)

Words, phrases and gestures that should be banned from use.
(Updated: 7-7-98)

The big list of things that suck.
(Updated: 9-23-98)

People that like dancing should be caned.
(Updated: 6-24-98)

I hate people.
(Updated: 6-17-98)

I rule.
(Updated: 7-2-98)

Here's what's wrong with the world today.
(Updated: 6-22-98)

Hopeless romantics should be shot.
(Updated: 5-30-98)

List of things to boycott.
(Updated: 5-21-98)

Beef Jerky is the greatest food in the Universe.
(Updated: 5-22-98)

Click here to find out what's even better than beef jerky!
(Updated: 5-22-98)

I hate Helen Hunt and John Leguizamo.
(Updated: 6-25-98)

Did I mention that I hate the Titanic?
(Updated: 11-26-98)

About stress and sanity.
(Updated: 7-30-98)

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