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Am I right or what?

My interview with Michael Bolton.
(Updated: 8-29-99)

Tribute to Army of Darkness: The best movie ever.
(Updated: 9-16-99)

If anti-child labor laws are passed, who's going to work in the coal mines?
(Updated: 12-02-99)

New hate mail!
(Updated: 11-22-99)

Infomercials Kick Ass.
(Updated: 11-22-99)

Going to eat chinese? Don't use "chop sticks."
(Updated: 11-18-99)

No, nobody said "McDonalds," shut the hell up.
(Updated: 11-8-99)

Bored? Why not litter?
(Updated: 10-24-99)

We need more violence on TV.
(Updated: 10-11-99)

Going to see a movie? Here's a thought: TURN OFF YOUR DAMN CELL PHONE.
(Updated: 10-3-99)

A giant computer melt down, and other things that won't happen in the year 2000.
(Updated: 10-3-99)

I've got your free porn, right here.
(Updated: 9-5-99)

Weather men are frauds.
(Updated: 8-22-99)

Bob Saget is Satan.
(Updated: 8-11-99)

I'm the best person in the universe!
(Updated: 8-2-99)

New hate mail.
(Updated: 7-25-99)

I hate kids (still).
(Updated: 7-19-99)

Republicans and Democrats: dirty bastards.
(Updated: 6-28-99)

Why I'm so bitter.
(Updated: 6-28-99)

That's it. I'm going to become a hermit.
(Updated: 6-20-99)

Quotes that are ruining the world.
(Updated: 6-14-99)

Mimes make me want to heave.
(Updated: 6-7-99)

Star Wars: Qui-Gon Jinn & Darth Maul (No spoilers)
(Updated: 6-1-99)

A Cop flipped me off today!
(Updated: 5-25-99)

Famous fairy tales and how they really ended.
(Updated: 5-17-99)

Evil nazi feminists from hell.
(Updated: 4-15-99)

TV shows I'd rather gargle a bucket of diarrhea than see.
(Updated: 5-4-99)

BS: It's not just a degree, it's a major!
(Updated: 4-25-99)

Depressed? Don't know what to do? I have the solution.
(Updated: 5-9-99)

The real instructions for life.
(Updated: 4-22-99)

Pranks to try on people in the hospital!
(Updated: 4-12-99)

Happiness: Who gives a damn?
(Updated: 4-5-99)

Gothics make me want to puke.
(Updated: 3-28-99)

I hate small talk.
(Updated: 3-21-99)

The truth about radio, music and the music industry.
(Updated: 3-18-99)

Commercials that really piss me off.
(Updated: 3-11-99)

Hag Profile: Helen Hunt
(Updated: 2-28-99)

My first hate mail!
(Updated: 2-28-99)

The definitive guide to the internet.
(Updated: 2-21-99)

The first annual Valentine's day Cupid slaughter!
(Updated: 2-14-99)

The Yellow Jacket Conspiracy Exposed.
(Updated: 2-8-99)

What we need is another war!
(Updated: 2-1-99)

Assholes all over my TV!
(Updated: 1-25-99)

Attention All Hippies...
(Updated: 1-18-99)

Animal rights, saving whales, and all that other gibberish.
(Updated: 1-10-99)

I would approve if the following people died...
(Updated: 1-7-99)

Here is a list of things I don't hate.
(Updated: 1-5-99)

Don't see Patch Adams.
(Updated: 1-4-99)

What to do with Slick Willy.
(Updated: 12-27-98)

Hate Mail

Violate my privacy by reading my hate mail!
(Updated: 7-25-99)

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Movies I hate that begin with "T" and end with "ITANIC"
(Updated: 10-21-98)

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